Highland Resort

Highland Resort is located in the village of Palukne in the district Sirvintos. The location for the resort was selected with  success – just 55 km away from the capital city Vilnius, where large villages and picturesque landscapes surround the resting area. Highland Resort is close to the Kamaraucizna and Verbliai forest, and the deep, clear Lake Zdoniske. All this makes this place attractive and comfortable to visit.

Highland resort consists of three houses – two guesthouses with a terrace as well as a sauna with a hall, a terrace and a two rooms.

The ground floor of the guesthouse has a spacious terrace, a kitchen with cutlery, a dining room, a resting zone, WC and a shower. There are spacious, comfortable bedrooms on the first floor. There is a large pond next to the Sauna house. On the ground floor, there is a bath with a hall, WC and a shower. On the first floor there is one spacious room with roof-panels that give the room a special comfort. Moreover, there is a large lake Zdoniske near the pond. There is an opportunity to catch fish in it and you can smoke the fish which you have caught. Dairy products from thoroughbred cows are available.

We offer active and peaceful rest. Perfect conditions for families, couples and large companies party. If you like water sports and are ready to go water cycling, come and visit us!!!

You will be able to stay overnight, warm up in sauna, and roast a steak in the outdoor arbor. In the homestead you will find: ready-made beds, towels, kitchen towels. In the arbor, you will find firewood, and grill grate.

About Highland Resort
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